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Branded Carrier Bags

Branded carrier bags are a very cost-effective marketing solution and a tremendous medium to promote your brand. The vast majority of retail businesses have bespoke branded carrier bags which, when given to customers to walk around with, will provide a high exposure of your brand to potential customers. They are a subtle yet effective way of telling people about your brand with the added benefit of creating trust in your brand.

Branded Carrier Bags

Branded carrier bags offer high brand exposure and wide appeal, being highly portable they can spread your brand message far and wide. Re-used they will carry your message to a new audience every day. They are one of the most economical ways a company can self-promote. A nicely branded carrier bag made from a heavier plastic or speciality paper makes the customer feel special, the same way a well wrapped gift would. The branded bag is part of the presentation.

A branded carrier bag from Printed Bags Scotland offers prime advertising space, whilst the products within the bag may also be branded, the bag itself will be the most visible item, meaning that it is one of the most cost-effective methods of physical marketing out there.

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